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Written by Michael Fones   
Tuesday, 22 April 2008 12:49
This brief note was forwarded to the members of my Province by our Provincial. It's from an unnamed friar in Iraq. I am sure that the anxiety and fear that marks the lives of Christians in Iraq is shared by many of their Muslim neighbors.
“As I am writing this message for you two explosions took place close to Mosul University which is nearby the Spiritual centre. Thank God nothing happened to the convent. All the sisters are safe. Thank God the student sisters were not at the university. They were at the convent. They are safe as well. We are fed up as the situation is getting worse day after day. We can no longer bear the uncertainty of the coming moments or persevere the great amount of the suppressed pressure, panic and fear. On Wednesday at a quarter to eight pm two cars exploded near Alsaa church. Fr. Phillip was with a couple of young men in the priory. Thank God for their safety. They were not even injured. I rang him, but he could hardly give me any news because he was in panic and fear. I phoned him the next morning inquiring if I could go to see him. He said that reaching the place was impossible, but he provided me with these details: great damage was done to the flats that belong to Dominican friars where many Christian families live. Most of the people in these flats were wounded, among them were many children and elderly. Many soldiers who lost their lives were the victim of these explosions. Almost all the fantastic windows of Alsaa church were smashed, the doors were broken and the marvelous clocks fell down. The friars are tired of repairing the church for the third time.”
Let's pray for peace in Iraq for all people.

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