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Snapshot of Life in the Evangelical Vatican PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 12 April 2008 11:28
You know that you are really living in the evangelical Vatican when:

You run out on your first Saturday morning at home to check out local low cost organic grocery store run by a local Catholic family and discover that next door is a shop calling itself a Christian discount warehouse whose windows are plastered with "going out of business" signs.

So you step in to see if there is anything of interest and on sale and you hear three guys at the counter talking about:

The huge numbers of Muslims becoming Christians in the middle east. About a local congregation of Iranian Christians whose services they had attended. About a guy they'd met last week who told them that Christians were openly holding large scale evangelistic campaigns in Pakistan. And no one mentions Magdi Allam.

And you know that 1) that you are not only living in an evangelical community, you are living in an evangelical community that contains the headquarters of over a hundred missionary-minded Christian organizations.

And then you ask the store owner if he is going out of business and he explains:

"Well I was. You see, I have a church that grew out of the store. People were getting saved and it just kinda became a church and now we have three services and 120 people and I can't do both so I thought I'd get out when my lease was up. . ."

Some day I will count but I have never seen so many little strip malls filled with budding congregations and evangelical organizations as I've seen here in Colorado Springs. Except maybe in Jakarta. It's my theory that you aren't allowed to operate a strip mall in Colorado Springs that doesn't contain at least one Christian group . I know that the Institute's presence keep our little mall legal.

And that's how you really, really, really know that you aren't in Seattle anymore. Mission-minded evangelicalism permeates the atmosphere here the way Catholicism permeates Rome.

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