See No Story. Hear No Story Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008 10:43

Since last I posted last night, Archbishop Wuerl of Washington, DC, 10 Catholic members of the House of Representatives, and Cardinal Egan of New York have all responded to Nancy Pelosi's Meet the Press comments about the Church's teaching about abortion.

But aside from the Associated Press, none of the mainstream media has covered the story.

Not the Denver Post. Not the Rocky Mountain News. Not the new York Times. Mark Shea posted a note from a reader to the LA Times editorial staff asking them to please cover the story.

Fox News carries the AP story here.

On a bright note, CNN posted this positive man-on-the-street encounter with pro-life demonstrators and intercessors. .

I'm not a conservative conspiracy theory afficianado at all. I worked my way through my last undergraduate year as a (quelle horror!!!) National Public Radio announcer (news and classical music). It was loads better than waiting tables. I like NPR. I like PBS. I'm not a neo-con, paleo-con, or theo-con. So far as I know. Cause I'm not entirely sure what those terms mean but they do get thrown around St. Blog's like they were categories out of revelation.

But this does raise the troubling question of how much of our political life is affected by the willingness or ability of journalists to cover the whole story. If you were a journalist who was a hard core Obama supporter, would you hesitate to cover a story that distracted negatively from your candidate's moment at the Democratic National Convention? Especially if your peers weren't covering it - and it isn't wasn't your editor's priority? A story that reminded Catholic swing voters in no uncertain terms of the Church's clear and historic opposition to one of your candidate's major policy positions?