Testimonies of Muslims Who Have Discovered Jesus Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 22 August 2008 08:02

A reader sent me this very interesting website, The Sun Rises, which features a well done introduction to the life of Christ and 6 testimonies of Muslims who have become Christians. In Arabic with English subtitles. Take the time to listen to as much as possible. It is a remarkable window on another world.

If you listen to all of the stories, you'll hear several people talk about receiving a vision of Christ which was the turning point for them. These sorts of experiences have become very common in the Muslim world over the past two decades. For more, see my post Why Muslims Convert to Christianity.

The Bible also looms large in these stories (which makes perfect sense to people raised in a religion where the Quran is the functional equivalent of Christ for us - they are the quintessential people of the book.) But Scripture also looms large for the producers who are obviously evangelical Protestants. You'll notice there is no mention of the sacraments in these stories.

This reader commented that he is interested in but knows only a few Catholic MBB's (Muslim Background Believers). He said that a Christian TV station that broadcasts widely in the Near East and North Africa would broadcast similar testimonies of Muslims who become Catholic - if someone would produce such a film.

Hint. Hint.