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Written by Sherry   
Monday, 31 December 2007 05:36
Here's a great story from Catholic News Service about Anchorage Catholic Hospital's "cuddle core" - the group of volunteers whose job is to hold sick infants for two hours at a stretch. Parents of children hospitalized for weeks or months usually an't be at the hospital 24/7 for that long and nurses have too many other duties to supply that much attention.

"Dr. Lily Lou, medical director of the unit, is unequivocal in her praise of the Kuddle Korps.

"For any baby that can't be home with their families, it's a lifesaver," the doctor said.

Occupational therapist Carol Matthews agrees.

"There's a huge difference in the way babies act and look when they're regularly touched and held," she said, adding that studies show that being touched is necessary for the proper development and even survival of infants.

Anchorage Catholic isn't the only hospital to do this. We had a similar group of volunteers at the NICU at the hospital where I worked while finishing grad school and creating the Called & Gifted workshop. And I'm sure that there are many such corps around the country.

But If you are asking yourself where you could volunteer or make a difference in 2008, consider becoming a baby cuddler. Being pro-life doesn't get much sweeter than this

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