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Shootings in Colorado PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 09 December 2007 17:36
Your prayers please.

Just after midnight last night, 4 people were shot at a Youth With A Mission training facility in Denver (2 died as a result) - but the shooter wasn't caught. Twelve hours later, 9 people were shot (3 have died so far) in a parking lot of New Life Church here in Colorado Springs (the church that Ted Haggard founded and was pastor of until the scandal that destroyed his ministry a year ago)

It is unknown if the two incidents are related - they are 12 hours and 65 miles apart but clearly people here are making the connections. Early reports said that the shooter was a young white male, about 20.


The police are started to acknowledge that there is a connection between the two events. The man described at New Life Church in the Springs sounds a lot like the description of the shooter in Denver. The church security detail in Colorado Springs had been beefed up as a result of the reports of the shootings in Denver. Hard as it is for me to imagine a church with guards packing deadly force and ready to use it - apparently that was the case at New Life. Their security guard, a woman, killed the shooter.

One thing about CS: Fort Carson is one of the two largest sources of soldiers to the Iraq/Afghan war and many thousands here have already done two and three tours of duty. Our churches are filled with veterans. When you listen to some of the interviews being done with witnesses, you will see this reality reflected. They are less likely to freeze and more likely to be proactive when faced with something like this.

For up to the minute details, check out the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Denver Post.

A side note: All the reports are saying that New Life Church has 10,000 members. I don't know where they got that number but that would represent a 33% drop in membership since Ted Haggard's "fall" in November of 2006. That's huge. Previously, Haggard estimated that 1/3 of his 15,000 member congregation were Catholic - either having left the Church altogether or "double dipping" as I and every Catholic pastor in the city could testify. I wonder what proportion of those who ceased to attend New Life are Catholic, how many returned to the Church - and how many just spun off into space.

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