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The 8:1 Ratio: Where to Begin? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 27 February 2008 06:45
JohnG asks a fabulous series of questions in the comments on my The 8:1 Ratio post.

a href="/This article leads to three questions :
- What is evangelization? (what must every one find in the Kerygma)
- How do you evangelize?
- Once a people is interested in Christ (or better touched), how do you teach him to help him to be a "living" christian?

I mean all that in the harsh conditions of our parishes where priests haven't time to do anything, and where lay people just know few things about their faith, including sometimes reincarnation, etc...

How to begin with?

You have just asked the questions that our 4 day seminar Making Disciples was created to answer.

Disciples, leaders, and vocations flow out of a life-changing relationship with Christ in the midst of his Church.
When Jesus asked Simon to “come, follow me,” Simon did not drop his nets to follow Jesus across Palestine for the next three years accidentally.
He did not become St. Peter unconsciously.

In the same way, the next generation of practicing Catholics, priests, religious, and lay leaders will not emerge accidently or unconsciously.

The non-negotiable foundation for Christian maturity and vocation today, as it was for St. Peter, is intentional discipleship.

Two keys to intentional discipleship are often missing in Catholic catechesis: pre-evangelism and initiatory catechesis
that asks for a deliberate personal response.

Making Disciples will help you:

Understand intentional discipleship as the source of spiritual life, and thus the foundation of all pastoral ministry

Understand why initial discipleship precedes catechesis and how life-changing catechesis builds on discipleship.

Learn how to listen for and recognize pre-discipleship stages of spiritual growth.

Learn how to facilitate the spiritual growth of those, baptized or not, who are not yet disciples.

Discover ways of articulating the basic kerygma that awakens initial faith in a gentle and nonthreatening

Explore how to use these skills in a wide variety of pastoral settings: RCIA/inquiry , adult faith formation, sacramental prep, spiritual direction or pastoral counseling, gifts discernment.

Prayerfully reflect on your own journey of discipleship.

We are offering Making Disciples in three different locations this summer:

Benet Lake, Wisconsin - June 8 - 12

Colorado Springs, Colorado - July 27 - 31

Spokane, Washington - August 10 - 14

We have offered variations on this new seminar 5 times so far in very different setting and everytime the response has been electric. As far as we know, it is one of a kind and seems to name and clarify enormously the frustrations that almost all Catholic pastoral leaders have experienced in this area.

Making Disciples is ideal for anyone interested in evangelization: Pastors, Diocesan staff, DRE's, RCIA directors, spiritual directors, catechists, evangelists. All kinds of people will be there - including many who do not work for the Church but simply want to see the 8:1 ratio change.

Go here to read some of the reviews from last year.

We'd love to have you be part of the conversation.

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