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Experiencing God and Transformation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 12 January 2007 09:03

I'm in the middle of a major re-evaluation of my life, including my spiritual life. Fr. Mike's post below got me thinking afresh. I asked myself this morning:

Where have I most powerfully experienced God and transformation in the course of my life? Not where I should have experienced God and transformation but where I have, in fact.

  • Spiritual conversation with a close spiritual companion
  • The experience of real Christian community
  • Through spiritual wisdom which integrates heart, mind, spirit, experience, and will.
  • In the presence of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Intercession for other – especially in presence of Blessed Sacrament
  • The practice of the presence of God
  • Intentionally listening to and obeying the present guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • The experience of deep emotional healing
  • Natural beauty

It is striking both for what is there and what is not. Certain themes have been very consistent over the course of my Christian life, both Catholic and Protestant:

Presence, Relationship, Listening, Talking, Healing and Integration, Wisdom, Obedience, Beauty

Because of my work and natural intellectual interests, I spend a lot of time doing original theological and pastoral research, creating new resources and training and teaching. It is exciting, energizing, and fruitful and I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to do so. But what actually nurtures my lived relationship with God and heals and transforms me is different.

I have often felt like a "bad" Catholic (much less Dominican!)because Scriptural or theological study, the liturgy, or the sacraments (except the Eucharist) never come up on the list when I am honest. And no doubt I am a bad Catholic. But would I become a better Catholic if I could just drop the "shoulds" and accept peacefully what, in fact, seems to be my "way"? That it is okay to have a "Catholic" head and a "Quaker", relational, experiential, obediential heart?

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