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Have You Heard the One About Herding Cats? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 03 January 2008 07:01
Having Pippin around has revived the old dog vs. cat debate around here.

Fr. Mike is a cat man whose beloved "Mama Kitty" was his faithful companion for many years. He, like nearly all Dominicans of my acquaintance, is an introvert and not shy about proclaiming the obvious: cats and introverts are smarter, discriminating, fastidious, cool, independent, and just plain superior.

It's no surprise who gets to be the dog (slobbering, overly anxious to please, dumb, and shallow) in this scenario. As an extrovert, I've been dissed by Catholic introverts for years. One of Fr. Michael Sweeney's standard quips during the section of the Called & Gifted workshop where we deal with the impact of personality on discernment went as follows:

"An introvert looks at an extrovert and wonders if there is any intelligent life present". (Add laugh track here - always gracefully acknowledged by yours truly)

As the other Sherry (another introvert) once summed it up "your people have been oppressing my people for generations." Who am I to object to lifetime of personal taunts when I am heir to the collective guilt of the ages?

No wonder organizing Dominicans is so impossible. It is herding cats!

Enjoy this you tube video about dogs and cats which pretty much sums up my experience of 12 years of "collaboration" with OP's. Love the tail action.

And I just have to point out: Pippin likes me best.

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