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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 02 January 2008 09:36
Inherited a black kitty named Pippin yesterday. Austin, one of our staff, raised Pippin from a kitten but now that she is 16, has developed terrible allergies and sadly, had to find a new home for her. Pippin is remarkably healthy and limber for her age. She found a hole in the wall behind the dryer last night and spent the night there but decided to come out and meet and greet this morning. She is now wandering about the Tuscan villa, bewailing her fate and throwing up occasionally. She is very friendly between spasms of angst so there is hope.

The New Year's Race has begun. I'll be home 13 days in January - and 13 days in February. Fr. Mike will be on the road even more than I. That's what happens when you have 24 events to put on around the country. I have some juicy stuff to blog - but must get laundry underway first.

I'm off tomorrow afternoon for a one day Called & Gifted for Catholic School Teachers in Houston with my friend Barbara Elliott. Then home for the weekend and off at the crack of dawn on Monday with Fr. Mike and another friend to offer an abridged version of the Making Disciples seminar for the Dominican pastors and parish leaders of the Western Province. Back Thursday evening, Jan 10.

Then off Friday morning, Jan 11 to catch a flight from Denver to Seattle to a kind of family reunion and to celebrate my sister's birthday. Back on January 16.

So blogging will be catch as catch can on my part till January 17. Airport lounges, hotel rooms with wi-fi, cafes, etc. Fr. Mike will be around more in early January so you will be hearing from him, I'm sure.

Just a reminder re: Called & Gifted offerings in the near future:

Jan 4/5: Spanish language Called & Gifted, St. Isidore's Parish, Bloomingdale, IL

Jan 4/5: Called & Gifted workshop, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Pasco, WA

Jan 11/12: Two Called & Gifted workshops in the Seattle area:

St. Stephen the Martyr, Renton
St. Brendan's, Bothell

and two workshops that same weekend in Jetmore, Kansas:

Jan 12: St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Jetmore

Jan 13: High School/teen Called & Gifted, Jetmore

Click here for our whole upcoming event schedule

More blogging later today.

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