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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 07:34
Winter has returned. A week ago, it was pushing 70. Today, is it -5 degrees F.

Saw the 2008 version of Brideshead Revisited last night. For someone who has read the book a number of times and seen the wonderful 1981 BBC mini-series, this version is a paragon of awfulness and unwatchableness. i didn't bother finishing it. Not even Emma Thompson could save it.

Trying to reduce Brideshead to the most shallow and conventional of 21st century anti-Catholic tracts is embarrassing. I think Barbara Nicolosi summed it up best in her devastating evaluation (which is well worth reading): Brideshead Eviscerated.


Don't waste your dollars, Netflix choices, or precious time on this one. Plan ahead for your next long weekend and watch the eleven hour 1981 BBC version instead which some regard as the finest film ever made for television.

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