Don't Just Pray for Haiti Print
Written by Michael Fones   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 06:08
haiti-home-736590Sherry and I are in Houston, TX, giving a workshop on spiritual thresholds, and teaching interviewer training to the Companions of the Cross (more on that later). Consequently, I haven't seen a paper or watched TV, but have heard about the terrible earthquake in Haiti. I received an e-mail request for donations from Catholic Relief Services and have responded with a modest donation. CRS has people on the ground in Haiti, and has already made a $5 million dollar commitment to immediate relief supplies. I urge you to do the same: pray and donate.

If you wish to donate to CRS, you can do so at the secure CRS site here.

Father Jean Jadotte, associate pastor of Miami's Notre Dame D'Haiti parish, sends these prayer intentions for Haiti. Please join him and other Haitian ex-patriots in these and other prayers.

-We are praying for hope despite this situation, that even as we face darkness, people may see a pinpoint of light.

-Praying for families.

-Pray for a greater conscience among everyone not just in Haiti but all over that we must do something [to help].

-Pray for a spirit of thanksgiving for international agencies for their good heart and good faith.

-Pray for relief workers to have a spirit of patience and perseverance.

-For those who at this time are in search of meaning in their lives and peace.

I would add that you pray that those who survived might receive safe drinking water - that is an immediate need and can mean the difference between life and death.

I lived in Oakland, CA when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck, and our house of studies was just a few miles from the Cypress structure, the double-decker highway built on landfill that collapsed and killed scores of commuters. That earthquake, while slightly more intense than the one in Haiti, lasted only a third as long as the shaking in Haiti due to the unusual way in which the fault zone broke. Had the tremors lasted longer, many more buildings would have collapsed, as they begin to move sympathetically with the shaking of the ground. I presume that many of the buildings in Haiti were not constructed as solidly as those in the Bay area. We cannot imagine the devastation, particularly in such a poor country that does not have the resources that we do.

Even with all the resources available in our country, and in the Bay area particularly, it took months for life to return to normal. I grieve for the people of Haiti. May some good come from this devastation. Perhaps poor Haiti, poorest of all the nations in our hemisphere, will not remain forgotten.