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Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 29 July 2007 04:54
Following the story of an 11 year old cancer patient and her devout Catholic family in Seattle here and here.

From Jerry Brewer's Reporter's Notebook:

I spent Thursday night in Federal Way, checking in on the Strauss family and attending a prayer service for Gloria at the Brennan home.

Things are even better than they were before. It's pretty amazing. Gloria remains mobile. Her mother is still sick with strep throat, but the family is in terrific spirits.

On Thursday, I also got an even greater sense of the depth of the Strauss' support system. The Brennans open their home to prayer every Thursday night, and it's tailored toward youths. Mike and Anne Brennan's daughter, Theresa, is a close Strauss family friend and often baby-sits.

Nearly 50 teenagers, young adults and parents showed up to pray. The Strausses did not attend, but it felt like they were there. And the incredible thing is that there are gatherings such as this one every night of the week. I've just mentioned that as a little fact in previous stories. But to experience it up close was inspiring.

You can't help but wonder if something extraordinary is happening. I'm preparing Gloria Part VI, which is being planned for early next week, and I hope to play off this newfound hope quite a bit in the piece.

You're also going to learn a lot more about Kristen and her battle with multiple sclerosis, as well as receive more insight into one of Gloria's grandmothers, Diane Strauss.

I'm going into "Gloria mode" starting tomorrow. As I start this writing process, there's such a positive vibe. Doug has called it a "mini-miracle" that Gloria is walking, and the family is back to a place of comfort. How long will it last? I don't know. But the Strausses know to cherish the sunlight.

Sherry's note: Consider what God might be doing in one of the least churched, most anti-Christian cities in the US, through the widely reported story of this tough, loving, funny, deeply believing Catholic family and their unsinkable Gloria. Think of what God might be doing in Jerry Brewer's life. Please pray for Gloria, for her family, and for all who read her story.

And for me, if you have a moment. The cold that I thought was making an exceptionally fast exit seems to have returned (which is why I'm up blogging at 4 am) and I've got a hugely demanding week ahead. Your prayers are most appreciated!

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