Australia's First Saint: Mary MacKillop Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 21:42

Blessed Mary MacKillop will be a saint.

"POPE Benedict XVI has thrilled the Australian Sisters of Saint Joseph by telling them that Mother Mary MacKillop will be canonised to become Australia's first saint.

At the Mary MacKillop Chapel in North Sydney this morning, the Pope prayed before the tomb of the Blessed Mary MacKillop, who was beatified in 1995 after Pope John Paul II accepted a claim that she had performed a miracle by curing a woman of cancer.

The congregational leader of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sister Anne Derwin, said the Pope referred to Mary's eventual canonisation.

“He said: `She will be canonised, we're waiting for the miracle',” Sister Anne explained.

For sainthood, two miracles are required to be accepted, and the final stage of her sainthood now rests on Rome accepting a second claim - this one also a woman who was cured of cancer.

Both women are alive and both have asked for their identities to be kept private."

We regularly tell Mary's story in the Called & Gifted workshop. She was actually excommunicated by her Bishop (who later repented on his deathbed). She, like the amazing Mary Ward, another foundress who endured terrific persecution and was actually imprisoned by the Church, have been totally vindicated. Their primary fault was in the breadth of their apostolic vision which was considered unthinkable in a woman at that time.