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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008 06:28
Daniel Tay of Singapore, writes of his experience at World Youth Day and specifically about what he learned at our Australian team's presentation at the Days in the Diocese in Melbourne. A view of the Called & Gifted process from the flip side of the world.

"During World Youth Day in Sydney, and the Days in the Dioceses leading up to it which I experienced in Melbourne, I gained three important insights. The first one was to start loving myself more.

The second spiritual insight I gained was an affirmation of what I had been working on while I was still in Singapore. It was during the FireBrandz Conference that I first had an inkling on what it was about. It concerns using our God-given gifts. When I later heard it again during a workshop “Called To Witness” conducted by members from the Catherine of Siena Institute, I couldn’t believe my ears.

One of the speakers spoke about how we could use our God-given charisms to achieve supernatural effects, and how using these charisms were our path to holiness. The speaker also explained the difference between charisms and gifts, which is something I had been grappling with for some time.

A gift is a natural talent that we have. A charism, on the other hand, combines our gifts together with the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives to achieve supernatural effects. The key word here is “supernatural”, because most of us know that we can only achieve so much on our own, or even when we work as a team. But when we work together with God, we can effects that are naturally impossible, hence the word “supernatural”.

Another insight that I gained from the talk is that while we are born with gifts, charisms are given to us only at baptism and at confirmation. This teaching irons out another issue I had been grappling with, and I am pleased to learn that the insights I had late last year on gifts and using them to change the world were not just something I came up with, but are really part of the richness of our Catholic faith.

For example, one of my charisms lies in writing, and when I started, I knew only this much. Later on, as I started to explore different ways to use my writing, I came to see that I was called to Catholic writing, hence the title of this blog, and journalism."

Another journalist from Singapore is attending MD in Spokane in 10 days and then Called & interviewer/facilitator training in Greenville, SC where she will meet up with Fr. David Seid, OP of Hong Kong for the first time. So we are excited about what might emerge in Singapore.

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