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Local Town Makes Good - and Clean and Skinny and Smart - and Goes to the Dogs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 19 July 2008 10:06
And the good news is, you can't die until you've been here.

In 2006, Colorado Springs was Money's Magazine's "Most Liveable Big City." (MSNBC named us 3rd best metro area to live in, and Kiplinger gave us #5 in 2008.)

It helps that we are in Colorado which is not only one of the most beautiful places God ever created but apparently also the slimmest state in the union for the past 18 years.

Year after year, Colorado Springs makes the American Lung Association's list of top "clean air" cities.

Apparently, we are the 9th best place to raise a family.

We have the honor of being the country's best city for dogs according to Mens' Health Magazine: (Hmmm, Pippin, what do you think of that?)

"Colorado Springs is a real playground for pooches, with about 250 days of sunshine a year and an abundance of outdoor activities. It earned top marks for the number of boarding and daycare facilities, and it had the highest maximum fine for animal cruelty--half a million bucks."

Forbes awarded us the title of "Most Pet-Friendly City" a title which explicitly includes cats. (Pippin is greatly relieved.)

We are also one of the top 10 "smartest cities" :

'This mountain city is a small-scale Seattle, a burgeoning high-technology center that is attracting highly educated workers. Seventy-one percent of Colorado Springs' adults have gone to college. That's the second-best rate in the nation, topped only by Madison's 75 percent.'

I must forward this to my friend, Mark, who refuses to see reason about all this.

Apparently, CS is also listed in the Book "1000 Places to See Before You Die." Who knew?

And now, Men's Fitness Magazine has just named us the fittest city in America. This whole post is just a chance to quote the first paragraph of the story - which I found funny - run on sentences and all.

(Warning, this is a secular men's magazine so that language is a bit less refined than one would normally expect to find here. But most of you are Catholics, not Baptists, and Catholics are usually an earthier lot where language is concerned.)

"There are 300-plus sunny days a year in Colorado Springs, but this is not one of them. While the peaks of the Front Range to our west are slathered in deliciously skiable snow, those of us in the Garden of the Gods, a century old city park with the grandeur of a national reserve, are being bitch-slapped by the kind of moist, icy winter blast that leaves the sky the color of a forehead knot three days after hitting a steering wheel in a head-on fender bender. But man, is it gorgeous. You know those bumper stickers that claim the worst day fishing is better than the best day working? That's how it is in "the Springs"-the ugliest day here is prettier than the prettiest day in a whole helluva lot of places. That's why tall, trim orthodontist/marathoner Ed Poremba and his pink-cheeked teenage daughter/future marathoner, Becky, are still getting in their six-mile Saturday morning run amid the jagged red rocks, clingy junipers, and placid deer, despite the fact that the Garden of the Gods has been coated in a vast, flavorless Slurpee.

"It's the best!" Poremba proclaims of his town, without knowing that the Men's Fitness 10th annual survey of the Fittest & Fattest Cities in America had reached the same conclusion. "Of all the places I've lived in, you can't beat it."

(The Garden of the Gods - in non Slurpee mode)

Colorado Springs: where all the women are smart, all the men are skinny, and the cost of living is below average.

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