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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 17 July 2008 18:31
Clara writes from Sydney yesterday:

Last evening we attended the Dominican Gathering at the Great Hall at Sydney University. The Speakers were Fr Paul Murray OP, lecturer in spirituality at the Angelicum and Cardinal Schonborn. Schonborn's address on the debate over creation and evolution attracted great interest. It was so crowded that Cardinal Schonborn barely had standing room. The entire stage, aisles, were covered in bodies eager to hear him speak. Hopefully we will be able to send you a few photos of that event which is less likely to attract media attention.

The Papal arrival was spectacular. Today had been dubbed "Super Thursday' by the commercial media and we were astounded at just how many Sydney siders lined the streets for the motorcade. Our boys were reasonably close to the boat when it docked and could see the Holy Father at close quarters. His homily, it was agreed by a number of us, will need to be unpacked over the next few months. We did love his observations about the long haul flight being evocative of the creation story of Genesis.

And this just in:

In a state of sensory overload. Stations of the Cross were marvelous - our vantage point was excellent although a somewhat unusual way to watch the stations - we were in the Exhibition and Convention centre watching the television coverage on big screens
with refreshments served between stations. We were able to watch one of the stations from the window.

An interesting interview with the director, Fr Franco Cavarra was aired during the telecast. Fr Franco was a late vocation, entering the seminary at age 45. By profession he was previously a director of Opera and Theatre. At age 35 he had a deep personal conversion and it took him another 10 years to take the decision to enter the seminary. He said that in the last six months all his life experience came together in working with the cast of the Stations. He said that he is absolutely happy in his vocation as a priest, but marveled at how all his experience has been used in the production of this event. A good Called and Gifted story.

Off to walk the 10 km to the pilgrimage site.

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