An "Innovation of God" in China Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 08:07

I love these stories.

In a small Chinese villeage, two 80 year peasants, who were just baptized in August, are catechizing 26 catechumens. The lay people in the parish are formed by meetiing weekly in small Christian communities for Scripture and catechism study.

This is, I think, an example of what Pope Benedict XVI has called a novità di Dio, an “innovation of God.” The Holy Father quoted a maxim of St. Bonaventure: Opera Christi non deficiunt, sed proficient—“Christ’s works do not go backward but forward.”[1]

In the twenty-first century God seems to be doing something new again to meet the needs of our time. Millions of lay men and women are answering God's call to evangelize, form, and nurture the millions of new brothers and sisters God is sending us every year.

Per official Vatican figures, 71% of the "Workforce for the Apostolate" are now lay men and women.

And in a certain Chinese village, the "innovation of God" is 80 years old.

[1] Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience, March 10, 2010