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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 12 June 2007 20:13
This moving Youtube worship video features the music and voice of Robin Mark of Belfast. His recording "Revival in Belfast" become an international phenomenon in 1999.

Robin Mark has been worship leader for 20 years at a evangelical church in Belfast that has made a point of seeking to bridge the gap between Catholics and Protestants that led to many years of the "Troubles". Mark's second album, Come, Heal This Land was recorded at St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh.

Sherry's note: I'm completely stymied by the fact that the you tube video below seems to have vanished even though the HTML is still there. I knew I had an anti-charism in this area but this is . . .hmmm. Any suggestions?

Now suddenly and mysteriously it has returned. I'm going to bed before my terrifying unconscious powers bring down the entire internet.


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