This is a Test . . . Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 29 June 2007 09:37
Bloggers has seemingly refused to publishing our posts over the past few days - it keeps them very carefully in a draft form and won't publish. The little publishing wheel goes round and round and nothing happens.

But someone managed to get the last two posts that Fr. Mike and I wrote on Wednesday up while I was commuting to Seattle. Keith?

So I'm going to try to publish this and just let it work on it as long as it wants and see if that is the secret. Obviously we've got to find a better solution in the long run. Any suggestions?

Peter Acosi writes in and says (in a comment that *I* can't read online to a post that *I* can't read online but must have been published - how is this possible??????!!!!!)
that I can blog via e-mail.

I"ll try. But in any case, know that Intentional Disciples is not gone or on sabbatical but the combination of travel, erratic access, and technical weirdness is making it very difficult.