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World Youth Day Goes Seven UP! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 22 June 2008 21:10

According to the Melbourne Age

"While it may be difficult to imagine mass conversions in the Emerald City of sun and surf, Fisher says there's no reason why the spirit can't come on Sydney as it has on its predecessors. So confident is the Sydney archdiocese in the power of World Youth Day that it has commissioned, for the first time, research that will chart the progress of pilgrims who attend this year's celebrations — a sort of spiritual Seven Up! The first batch of research, which looks at who is coming to World Youth Day and why, will be released soon."

The UK's Granada Television Seven Up! series followed 14 British children (starting in 1963) for the next 36 years, interviewing them every 7 years and broadcasting the results.

It would be incredible to have something more than anecdotes to grasp the impact of an event like World Youth Day, While the work of grace never reveals itself fully to such measurements, some sense of some of the impact could be measured.

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