The God Mother Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 10:15
It's an intensely god-mother kind of morning.

Another birth related prayer request has come in: Tasha, wife of Mark Shea's eldest son, Luke (my god-son) is 7 months pregnant with their first baby and has started having contractions. Your prayers for the well-being and safety of Lucy (the baby) and Tasha would be most appreciated.

Meanwhile, my other god child is being born in Ohio this morning (See the prayer request for the Other Sherry below).

Hitherto, I'd never felt the full weight of god-parentness even though I know that it is recognized as a formal office in the Church. Since I was clearly incapable of meeting the "god parents are responsible to finance their god-children through Harvard" standard, I had pretty much gotten off light with prezzies and prayer at the all the right times.

Not today.

Update: Thanks be to God. Tasha is home again and all is well. Her contractions were caused by dehydration which is easily dealt with. No more word from Sherry C yet.