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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 29 March 2007 12:17
From Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn of Vienna. It serves as a great summary, or starting point, for the Catholic approach to, well, just about everything:

"Despite sometimes heavy criticism, the church continues to firmly believe that there is in nature a language of the Creator, and therefore a binding ethical order in creation, which remains a fundamental reference point in bioethical matters," he said.

This is the difficult piece, the "untranslateable paradigm" that makes communication between those who believe in what the Church teaches and those who don't highly difficult--especially when it comes to the sciences. And yet, there is, really, nothing anti-scientific, in the Catholic position simply because it has this viewpoint at it's genesis (pun intended).

Nature does not simply signify itself. Rather, it points to (and is pointed to by) the Creator. We see this belief highlighted in the very first lines of the Nicene Creed: "I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth." This physical (and metaphysical) reality is the lens through which Catholics (and most other Christians) view the social, psychological, scientific, and spiritual questions of our age.

I think it is incumbent on those of us who do come from this paradigm to make that more explicit, and I also believe that others should take more time to listen to that. At the very least, it may help us communicate better with each other.

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