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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 22 March 2007 16:14
Mars Hill Audio Journal is a specialized service for thoughtful Christians. The Journal is a monthly 90 minute series of 10 - 15 minutes audio interviews intended to provoke engagement with our culture. Ken Myers, who worked for National Public Radio as a producer for 8 years, chooses the topics they run the gamit from community-building, literature, music, art, law, history, life issues. The Journal is what I would call "High Ecumenical" and features a number of Catholic interviewees and topics such a J R R Tolkien, Gerard Manley Hopkins, or Ralph McInerney.

Their purpose:

"We believe that fulfilling the commands to love God and neighbor requires that we pay careful attention to the neighborhood: that is, every sphere of human life where God is either glorified or despised, where neighbors are either edified or undermined. Therefore, living as disciples of Christ pertains not just to prayer, evangelism, and Bible study, but also our enjoyment of literature and music, our use of tools and machines, our eating and drinking, our views on government and economics, and so on."

Go here to hear a number of their past journals for free.

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