Perinatal Hospice Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 07:28
The New York Times has a moving article and video on a little known program: perinatal hospice. Twenty to forty percent of families who are told that their unborn child has a fatal condition choose to carry the baby to term rather than abort. Often in the face of pressure from the doctor to abort:

“Some have been told they’re wasting their time for a baby that would be dead anyway,” “Some have been told they’re wasting the doctor’s time.”

In such a situation, perinatal hospice is a new and most welcome alternative. There are at least 40 such programs in the US now but most parents in crisis don't know about them. In Minnesota, a law was passed last year that called for women to be informed about perinatal hospices.

It is interesting that the featured parents in the article are described as "pro-choice" Catholics who nevertheless choose to care for their baby, however long she lives. They were told she would die within 24 hours of birth. Twenty weeks later, she is still living and may live for years.

Check it out. Let your friends know about it. Pray for all involved.