Mark Shea on the Sin Monitor Task Force Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 19 March 2008 17:20
Love my friend Mark's latest essay over at Inside Catholic:

Saved by Christ, Not by Rules

"What is absent from all this is any concept of life in Christ as relationship. All you get are rules, written on a card and magnetized to the refrigerator. Break rules on Card A and the Divine Administrator puts in the record that you are slated for hell. Break rules on Card B and the Divine Administrator marks down the infraction and gives you a warning. Earn enough infractions and the Sin Monitor Task Force transfers your name to the "Go to Hell" file. However, if you do the theological equivalent of filling out a waiver by going to confession, the Divine Administrator will, for inscrutable reasons, round file your sin folder and let you start over.

The goal of the Christian life, in this scenario, is to die with your sin folder empty. Then God has to let you into heaven, which is this beautiful place that has nothing to do with Him, really. It's just a pretty park where your favorite dead people have been standing around waiting for you to arrive. The notion of a life of virtue spent trying to cultivate a relationship with God never enters the picture. It's just a question of keeping and breaking rules. And nobody really knows why one rule is more important than another."

Read the whole thing. Just the right note upon which to enter into the Triduum.