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Written by Sherry   
Monday, 17 March 2008 07:16
Palm Sunday weekend at the top of the continent. I haven't been able to go up since Christmas.

Snow piled everywhere. Every home in Leadville had a minimum of 6 feet of snow in front, barring doors, framing tunnel-like driveways, burying brightly colored fences. Which was impressive until you caught a glimpse of the real piles.

8, 10, 12, 16 feet high looming over trucks and in every available open lot where the city has moved a season's worth of snow. Pure powder heaped upon grey stone-like cliffs of old snow.

I don't think I want to hang around until the thaw. I can't imagine what is like when it all begins to melt. The Arkansas River which begins outside Leadville was already looking pretty high. It will be a great white water rafting season this June.

Hiked up to the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse along the snowshoe trail. The Cookhouse is unique - in winter you can only reach it by snowshoe or Nordic ski (or snow mobile for the less athletically inclined). A mile of schlussing - mostly uphill - earns you a fantastic gourmet meal in a 10, 600 ft high yurt without running water or electricity but with stunning views.

I didn't eat this time but wanted to see how arduous the trail might be and to judge whether any of my lowland friends could make the trip. The answer: I'm dreaming of snowmobiles for the flatlanders.

Also went snowshoeing along the Continental Divide - on one of those classic high country winter morns - azure skies, mounds of powder snow almost concealing swift-running creeks, forests of pine and spruce, utter silence.

The sort of Palm Sunday weekend I never dreamed of before moving here.

It is also snowy in the lowlands (6,700 feet) this morning but we are supposed to reach 60 later this week. Our spring showers come in white. But, our bulbs, like the power of the resurrection, are already making their presence known as we move into Holy Week.

More blogging in a bit.

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