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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 19 March 2008 09:31
Some stats based upon the Pew results (and the assumption that there are approximately 220 million adults in the US as indicated by the Census Bureau in 2004)

69.1 million US adults (31.4% of adult population) alive today were raised Catholic.

Today, there are 47 million self-identified Catholic adults (23.9% of US adult population).

18% of those raised Catholic now identify with another faith. (12.44 million)

A) 81.7% of those Catholics who now identify with another faith regard themselves as Protestant. (9% of all Protestants or
10.16 million)

B) 62.6% of those Catholics who identify with a Protestant faith now call themselves “evangelical Protestants”. (6.36 million,
11 % of all evangelicals, 5.6% of all Protestants)

C) 37.7% of those Catholics who identify with a Protestant faith now regard themselves as mainline or black Protestants.
(3.83 million or 7% of mainline/black Protestant population and 3% of all Protestants)

D) 18.3% of those Catholics who now identify with another faith identify with a non-Protestant faith.

2.3 million cradle Catholics now comprise

5% of US Orthodox Christians
4% of US Hindus
3% of US Jews
7% of US Mormons
4% of US Muslims
26% of US Jehovah’s Witnesses
22% of US Buddhists
23% of “other faiths”
23% of “other Christian” (Unity, Unitarian, etc.)

E) 14% of those raised Catholic now regard themselves “unaffiliated” with any religious tradition. (9.7 million)

Faiths where converts from Catholic backgrounds are disproportionately present (There are less than half as many Catholics as Protestants in the US so we should have no more than half as many converts to another faith)

Hinduism Protestant converts 2% Catholic converts 4%
Judaism Protestant converts 5% Catholic converts 3%
JW Protestant converts 33% Catholic converts 26%
Buddhism Protestant converts 32% Catholic converts 22%
LDS (Mormon) Protestant converts 13% Catholic converts 7%
Unaffiliated Protestant converts 44% Catholic converts 27%

Faiths to which Protestants have converted in larger numbers proportionally than Catholics:

Orthodox Christianity
"Other faiths" (smaller non-Christian groups)
"Other Christians" (Unity, Unitarians, etc.)