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A "Closed Jewel Box": Christianity and Muslims in Europe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 18 May 2007 06:38
Still on the same basic theme, here is a fascinating article (in a English language Polish periodical for the Polish diaspora, Sunday Catholic Week) on Muslims who convert to Christianity. The authors tracked down and interviewed 30 converts who were convinced to tell their story.

I found this last paragraph especially moving:

"Muslim converts are also a great challenge for the Church because they are elements of 'the spring' of Christianity in the times where in many countries it has stopped being 'the agent' of existence and has become only 'a decoration'. Meeting these new Christians, coming from Islam, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and courage. 'You do not realise what treasure you have... Jesus Christ has revolutionised our lives'.

Certain Algerian told us, 'You possess a closed jewel case in which you have a treasure. We come to your churches and cannot see this treasure; we come to your country and see a closed case. You should keep it open because it contains treasures for all people. You are shy and ashamed of Jesus instead of promoting Jesus to immigrants'. We saw extremely living faith in those converts and that makes us aware that Christ has brought about a real revolution in the world."


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