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Friday, 18 May 2007 15:53

Written by  Br. Matthew Augustine, OP

For those who have not yet run across it, there is a smart new blog in town: Vox Nova. Its a group blog devoted to an ongoing discussion regarding the application of Catholic Social Doctrine in contemporary society. Those who are familiar with St. Blog's should recognize some of the contributors and, moreover, should recognize that they represent a fairly wide spectrum with regard to their political backgrounds. I say 'fairly' because, in my opinion, it could be a little wider. That said, it seems to be a promising new site. Check out Katerina's (from Evangelical Catholicism) posts on the principles of CSD here: part 1, part 2.

I think the blog underscores something important regarding Catholic Social Principles: Catholics don't need to achieve some kind of exhaustive ideological consensus in order to apply them. The Church asks people of all political and ideological stripes to apply them toward the common good of society. Not that the principles won't ever challenge our deeply held beliefs. Part of being a Catholic means being able to critically examine such beliefs in light of what the Church says about the human person and his or her role in society. Anyway, I wish the folks at Vox Nova well. Drop by for a look around.


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