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Rocco Palmo: Confessions of a Bad Catholic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 18 May 2007 19:12
You have to love it!

Rocco Palmo of Whispers in the Loggia, king of Catholic ecclesial news, has written a lovely article for Busted Halo about the the Rev. Jerry Falwell. (
AlmostHoly16ThedeathofJerryFalwell.htm) Turns out that members of Rocco's family are part of Lynchburg Baptist and that Jerry Falwell was almost part of the family.

"It doesn’t say much for modern discourse that friendship, kindness and respect are often only given when we’ve vetted others enough to see how their worldviews mesh with our own. If we’re really going to preach a Gospel of Life, however, we’ve got to be prepared to live it, and not only when it’s easy or convenient.

I haven’t always seen eye to eye with Jerry Falwell—or, for that matter, with my relatives who have been part of his flock. But while ideas and teachings are one thing, their practice is entirely another. Catholic, Mainline or Evangelical, conservative, liberal, libertarian, or anywhere in between, those of us who call ourselves Christian all come from a tradition where we’re charged to love our neighbor as ourselves.

The living witness of my family’s faith and love was inspired by the example of the pastor who taught them more than all the acres of newsprint and airtime he ever garnered could ever hope to cover. To grieve their loss and pray alongside them, both in hope for the future and for their comfort in these difficult days, is the best—and only—Christian thing to do."

Rocco entitled his piece: Confessions of a bad Catholic...A death in the family. I knew exactly what he meant.

Those of us whose friends and family are strewn about the Christian world and across the political and cultural spectrum, can sometimes begin to wonder if we are a "bad Catholic" in the current climate because our relationships don't fit into purist cultural war categories.

I mean, how you can be friends with someone who is "one of the them?"

Easy. Because genuine goodness and lovebleness is so much larger than ideology.

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