Celebrating Corpus Christi in North Georgia Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 26 May 2008 16:18
An encouraging tale of a Corpus Christi procession in north Georgia - the first ever. Pastor Randy Mattox writes:

"This year we did our first Eucharistic procession. Since our church is just a block off the town square, I have been wanting to do one through the downtown area. This year our seminarian wanted to organize it, so he did and it was beautiful!

There is a great joy and thrill in honoring our Lord publicly in this way. I felt myself overwhelmed with emotion during communion time, with everyone receiving Jesus, uniting ourselves to Him and to one another, and then knowing that this most intimate moment would culminate in processing out of the church to proclaim to the town and the whole world that our Lord is with us, feeding us, loving us, strengthening us even now as we journey on toward Heaven! It was truly an overwhelming experience!"

During the actual procession, we prayed the litany of the Eucharist and made our trip around the block through the downtown area. It was a short trip this time, I am thinking next year will be longer!!! Nevertheless cars drove by, watching us, probably thinking, "what in the world are they doing?" I felt sorry for them that they didn't yet know what blessing was passing their way. Hopefully with more catechesis and evangelization they will one day. Hopefully they too will join us one day in proudly, humbly, thankfully, walking with Jesus through the streets of Ellijay on the feast of Corpus Christi."

Corpus Christi in fundie land. I know the seminarian who "organized it". He happens to be a blogger and a convert but since he hasn't written about it directly, I won't blow his cover. But I can only imagine what a joyful experience it was for him!