Counting Sheep - Colorado Style Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 24 May 2008 10:25
Just because it's fun:

It's May and lambing time for Big Horn Sheep who live in the canyons and mountains around Colorado Springs. The local herd numbers about 100.

A local reporter went up and did a video of the team who are tracking the health and welfare of these lambs who are born and spend their first month with their mothers on inaccessible rocky shelves to protect them from predators.

Big horn sheep are so impressive - they wander the ground of Glen Eyrie, the fabulous estate of the city's founder - General Palmer - and for the past 50 years, the headquarters of the Navigators.

big horn sheep at glen eyrie, colorado springs

As in this great winter photo above (click on the photo and it will expand to full size) and this summer photo of the "castle" below:

Glen Eyrie is one of the places I often take visitors to see. On one such visit, a huge ram simply stood blocking the road in front of us with magnificent indifference to the fact that we were the ones in a car.