We're Back. Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 10:17
This is a test - of the Intentional Disciple's broadcasting network. If this were a real spiritual emergency, you would be instructed to visit your local parish, pray, go to Mass or to confession.

This is just a announcement that after one week off the air, Intentional Disciples is up and running. Thanks to all of you ID readers who wrote me to ask what was happening and were concerned that we might have simply stopped blogging without notice.

Not at all. We are in the midst of putting up a new website (www.siena.org to see it in its unfinished form) and switching servers and the blog got caught up in the whole transfer. Since I was traveling last week and without internet access, I didn't realize what had happened until Friday afternoon when it was too late to do anything that day. And of course, nothing could be done over the weekend. So triage and recovery has been the task of Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway, it is great to be back. More blogging in a few.