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Catholic Video Evangelization - and Flannery PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 20 October 2007 07:33
There was You tube, then God tube, now there's Love to be Catholic. Same idea: broadcase self-generated videos but only solidly Catholic stuff. It's just up so the content is meager but it is early days yet.

It's odd that Catholics who are historically the great artists and writers because our faith is sacramental, aren't nearly as creative in the video department. The Catholic videos that I've seen so far are essentially all straight catechesis or preaching or filmed liturgies - with or without music. Enthusiastic undoubtedly, triumphalist sometimes, but largely without imagination or humor.

They remind me very much of the earnest evangelical "art" that I grew up around. (I can still remember a professor comment with a bit of a shudder that so many of his Christian students thought that Carmen was great art).

Of course, Love To Be Catholic does market itself as an evangelization tool and I suppose that is the point. Evangelization is its own art form, in a sense, and great art is a different endeavor - the creation of beauty - although it certainly can have a powerful evangelical impact.

But it would be wonderful to see some Catholic videos that aren't just knock-offs of evangelial prototypes or EWTN. Where are the Flannery O'Connors of the new media?

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