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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 11:35
I have an hour before I leave for the aiport again so thought I would fill you in on my Stewardship experience.

I did - finally - make it to downtown Chicago about 10 pm Sunday. It was a short - but luxurious night (I've never stayed in a Hyatt hotel before - excellent service. It's too bad I was too tired to enjoy it much and too busy to venture outside. There's a reason why I'm writing the Michelin Guide to the abandoned rectories and convents of North America. They are my usual fare.)

The next day was simply jammed but very fruitful. Up early and because of tiredness and time, for the first and only time in my life, I had breakfast in my room. Then down to look at the venue, find my booktable materials. Thank God, we had a hotel AV tech who set up everything for us!!! (For once in my life, I wasn't technically blind leading the even more technically blind. Parishes often have digital projectors that no one knews how to use so they just hand them over me to figure out!)

God was at work and the presentation itself went very well - I'm guessing 350 - 370 or so attendees. I had lots of questions and was mobbed at the booktable. Thank God, Patty, one of our champions from New Jersey was there and pitched in to help. As it was, a number had to leave before we could get to them. The rest of the afternoon, as I walked about, people were coming up to thank me, hug me, and talk about us coming to their diocese or parish -including several from the UK. I also got to meet some old friends, including one who knew the Called & Gifted process in the very earliest days - before the Institute even began. So I hope for some good fruit from this.

Which was good to keep in mind as I spent 1 1/2 hours on the cab ride from another dimension of sight and sound . . .

It was supposed to be a 30 mile drive and I had printed out Mapquest direction, but my driver got lost and went 20 miles out of his way until even I, who know nothing about Chicago, knew we were lost and called my hostess - 5 times - to get us where we were supposed to be. How fast a $50 cab ride can become $100. He acknowledged the error and reduced the fare but I couldn't help but think that I could have stayed another night in luxury and rested for not much more.

So your prayers for the trip to Germany would be greatly appreciated. i seem to be exercising a travel anti-charism on this trip and can just envison myself being trapped in some kind of endless alternate reality loop in Amsterdam or something.

Next stop: the Bavarian Alps in Herbst (Autumn in German) I've printed out a few key Germany phrases to study on the way. I took high school German but haven't used it in many years.
but it all came flooding back.

Auf Weidersehen.

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