Ah, To Be Stuck in the Airport Now That Autumn is Here Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 21 September 2007 05:58
It seems that my 6:15 am flight has been delayed due to mechanical problems until 9:00 am and poor Delta is short-staffed and the only experienced person can't do anything for us abandoned orphans until she gets the flight to Atlanta off, etc.

I blame it all on Fr. Mike. When he left on Tuesday, his flight was delayed as well and he has passed the curse onto me. I'm sure I've flown out of here hundreds of times by now - no worries - until today.

Fortunately, I was getting into LA early so hopefully I will still get there in time. Since it is too early to call my LA hosts, I shall inflict myself on you.

Fair enough? Not that you could do anything about it if it isn't, but like those little red buttons on elevators that we are supposed to push in the event of an emergency, we like to give you the illusion of control.