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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 20 September 2007 08:36
Appropos of the discussion on ID and over at Amy Welborn's about the need to get missional, comes this charming account of a new form of evangelization in Malta.

It seems to be a variation on something pioneered by the Community of the Beatitudes in Rome where Adoration is held at the Pantheon and students of their School of Evangelization invited passers-by to come in, have something cool to drink, rest, pray, and soak in the Presence. Confession in several languages was also available. My pastor here in Colorado Springs stopped in and was very impressed.

Here's the description of the Maltese version:

Dawl bil-Lejl (Light in the Dark) is an experience of evangelization from young men and women to their counterparts on the road. It originated in 1999 in Italy by a group that called themselves "Sentinelle del Mattino" (morning watchers). The whole idea is to open the church of the locality at nightime for adoration, while a number of youths comb the streets inviting other young people to come and meet Jesus.

Evangelization in the streets is not a question of technique or a special method, but rather a change in mentality. It is founded on the principle that every Christian has a call for evangelization. In fact you can call yourself a Christian when you proclaim your faith to others. In the "Terzo Millenio Innuente" the late Pope John Paul II stated that the Church's mission is that of Evangelization. And this idea evolved when in a gathering the Pope had with young people at the turning of the millennium, he told them, "Do not be afraid to go out in the streets, and in public places, like the first apostles who proclaimed Christ and the Good News of salvation in the squares of cities, town and villages. This is no time to be ashamed of the Gospel. It is the time to preach it from the roof tops." "What I say to you in the dark, tell in the daylight:what you hear in whispers, proclaim from the housetops." (Mt.10,27).

Similar to this St.Paul wrote, "For I see no reason to be ashamed of the Gospel..." (Rom.1,16)

About 25 Maltese people have already participated in a basic course conducted by Fr.Andrea and Chiara, both from Verona. It was a basic course over a weekend, aimed at lighting again the fire in these young people which was bestowed upon them in baptism and these in turn promised to pass this light to the young people in Malta especially during Dawl bil-Lejl. There were also 3 seminarists who got involved. This basic course was organised by the Ministry for youth within the "Kommunita' Dixxipli ta' Gesu'" founded by Fr.Paul Fenech. Some of the youths who participated in the course had a first hand experience of how Dawl bil-Lejl works last July when they met up with a 130 strong contigent from all over Italy, in Bibbione, a famous tourist resort near Venice.


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