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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 07:10
Fr. Mike is in Tucson caring for his parents this week while I am busily trying to get prepped for a number of upcoming commitments.

Getting more of our wonderful teachers trained to train others. Planning a large scale implementation of Making Disciples for a large archdiocese. Trying to figure out to squeeze an introduction to spiritual thresholds into two half hour segments for a cathedral. Revising our two weekend version of Making Disciples yet again. Talking through an invitation to establish CSI teams in Hong Kong and Macau. Revising our elegant but old website in the midst of it all.

All good problems to have. The bright side is that I'm home this weekend! Even though I love teaching and really enjoy the chance to meet so many great people and see new places, my heart sinks at the prospect of packing for yet another trip. For some reason, packing is the part of traveling that I dislike the most. With the exception of having my six foot frame wedged into a little bulkhead seat in the little regional jet where the curved walls left little space for my legs like last weekend. Cause the airline had booked me and a mother with her child in the same seat.

More coherent blogging in a bit . . .