Theology/History of Laity Print

Miracles, Mystics, and Albino Assasins: The True Story of The Catholic Laity Before Vatican II.  3 hours. Forget the Da Vince Code.  Join Sherry Weddell for a fast pasted, inspiring journey through 500 years of lay Catholic history.  How did the great lay saints and creative apostles before the Council negotiate the challenges of their times and change history?  If we don’t understand what happened before Vatican II, we can’t understand the debate about the laity at the Council and what the Church teaches today. (Originally given as part of an STL/Masters level course on the theology of the laity at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.)

The Apostolic Woman: One day. The inspiring stories of some little known Catholic laywomen and their impact on the life and mission of the Church.  Great for women’s gatherings.

The Generation of Saints:  How a Group of Disciple-Friends Changed France and the World: 1 hour. The amazing story of a group of friends:  bishops, priests, married and single lay Catholics, soldiers and dreamers who together were the catalysts of a spiritual revival that impacted France for 150 years and changed the course of history.

The Purposeful Pastoral Council: 3-6 hours. Pastoral councils developed immediately after the Second Vatican Council and have evolved considerably in the intervening years. Yet many pastoral councils today function poorly, are strife-ridden, or unclear about their purpose.  Fr. Michael Fones, OP can help invigorate parish, deanery, and diocesan pastoral council members by means of an interactive journey through the development of pastoral councils and their mandate today as a visioning body to help a parish and its pastor investigate, ponder, and offer conclusions regarding  the pastoral and apostolic life of your Catholic community.

First Class Lay Apostles: One hour. An exciting introduction to what the Church actually teaches about the dignity, spirituality, and mission of the laity.